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Solving Your Company’s Data Problems

Every day, your company creates and consumes more data than ever before. Yet for many companies, the tools to organize, analyze and distribute information just haven’t been keeping pace. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is a constant and often costly struggle that never seems to end.

Qrvey solves these data problems by combining data collection, analysis and automation into a single, all-in-one platform that removes traditional bottlenecks by making the entire system self-service in nature. Imagine a world where your IT department isn’t bogged down managing your company’s data and one where employees are free to build their own reports and analytics. Add to that world the ability to automate absolutely anything and that’s what Qrvey can provide.

Learn more about Qrvey’s Data Powerhouse, the engine that collects, connects and transforms data from any datasource and makes it readily available for analysis and automation. Then learn how Intelligent Information Broadcasting (IIB) helps distribute insights throughout your company, automatically.

  • Data Powerhouse

    Unify all of your company's existing data sources into a single, high-performance analytic and automation engine that can be used in applications throughout your enterprise.

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  • Intelligent Information Broadcasting

    Intelligent Information Broadcasting (IIB) provides a secure, self-service environment where anyone in your organization and build and easily distribute interactive, data-driven insights that update in real-time.

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