Qrvey Analytics:
Simple, Yet Mighty

Let your company see their data in a whole new light with Qrvey’s easy-to-use yet incredibly powerful suite of tools that can turn anyone into an analytics wizard.

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Smarter Self-Service Analytics

Qrvey makes it easy for companies to view their data in multiple ways, manipulate data with powerful tools and build beautiful visual analytics in just minutes.

It all starts with multiple data views that allow users to see everything from a comprehensive data profiler, to a spreadsheet view for editing and manipulation, and even dashboard view where users create themselves. In every view, your users will find great analysis tools like filtering, bucketing, sorting, aggregates and more, all with intuitive designs that encourage exploration and discovery.

Finally, there's Chart Builder, Qrvey's powerful tool for building custom visualizations. Everything from pie and line charts to geo-maps and heat maps can be created in just minutes. Even non-technical users can create combo-charts the include multiple layers, reference lines and more. Everything in Qrvey's analytic platform was designed for both simplicity and performance and all of it can be automated and shared using our powerful workflow engine.

Data Views


    Profile view provides a high level, visual look inside your data so you can see how values are distributed and what's really going on inside of each column.


    Tabular view provides a familiar spreadsheet view of your data and allows for manipulations like filtering, sorting, aggregates and more.


    Custom view provides access to Chart Builder, where you can build your own custom charts and add them to a personalized dashboard.

Analytic Tools


    Apply custom filters to any column or combine multiple filters to view only the data you want.


    Assign multiple values into groups, called buckets, to make analysis even easier.


    Create custom metrics that can be updated in real-time for alerts and notifications.


    Instantly see stats like sum, average or count for any numeric column in your data.

Beyond The Perfect Chart

Qrvey allows users to design custom charts and visualizations from their data in just minutes. They can choose from bar, line, pie or symbol charts as well as word clouds, heat maps, geo-maps and more. Even complex combo-charts with filters, multiple layers and reference lines can be created with little-to-no technical knowledge and they're all beautifully rendered to look great on any device or screen size.

But the real power of the Qrvey platform is how these reports, visuals and metrics benefit from both smart data collection and integrations as well as workflow automations that allow users to not just view their data, but act on it in realtime as conditions change.

Analytics and Data Visualization

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