Automation for A
Smarter Enterprise

Your business is only as powerful as the automation that drives it. Qrvey makes adding self service workflow automation quick and easy.

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Automation Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

At Qrvey, we believe that unifying your data and providing robust analytic capabilities are only part of the story. The real power of a data platform is the ability to use what it sees and take action all by itself. That's why our platform also includes a robust workflow automation engine to take your bussiness to the next level.

Qrvey makes creating rule-based workflows easy enough for even novice users to master, and its embeddable nature means it can be deployed practically anywhere. Your users can choose from a wide range of triggers, set conditions, add actions and Qrvey will take care of the rest. Automations are perfect for updating data, sending alerts and notifications or responding to inputs from third-party systems.



    Put your applications on auto-pilot by scheduling workflows to run any time day or night, as often as you need them.

    New Data

    Workflows can be triggered to run when there's new or updated data in any or when web forms are submitted.


    Workflows can easily be triggered by third-party systems by simply using webhooks to call a custom URL.


    Alerts & Notifications

    Be notified the second something important happens. Alerts and notifications are available via email or SMS.

    Data Actions

    Keep your data up to date and in sync with powerful data actions that can search, insert, delete or updated records as needed.


    Reports and visualizations generated with Qrvey's analytic engine can be used in automations for alerts or saved to third-party systems.


    Automations can create and update variables that carry throughout your applications for a personalized experience to every unique user.

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